" Get in on the ground floor of the launch of a new economic research initiative and earn income according to this $100,000/month plan. You get access to eleven new income Streams that you will not have access to otherwise.  

Income Streams #1 thru #9: Link nine (9) Income Streams under the hood of promoting a FREE system with six of the nine being monthly residual Income Streams.
Income Streams #10: The list you build by promoting the FREE system will be a highly responsive email list and you will get exceptionally high open rates on every email you send. More opens = more income.   

Income Stream #11: We use crowdfunding dollars to run the FREE system.  You get to claim a percentage of the crowdfunded dollars as a monthly income source; 

The FREE System mentioned is a by-product of the Economic Research Initiative. The Income Producing Power of each Income Stream is magnified by the economic value and scope of the Economic Research Initiative  

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