"Looking for affiliate marketers to accept the $100,000/month challenge.  Will you step up to the plate or will you run away with your tail between your legs?

Rethink Your Value Proposition:  If you are like most affiliate marketers in the make money online niche, you are just blasting make money online affiliate links to your email list and surviving on the 1 to 2% that buy. According to statistics, 95% of the 1 to 2% who buy from you never make money online. So, what value are you providing to your list and society? What is your true value proposition? To accept this challenge, you must rethink and update your value proposition.   

Join the Affiliate Innovation Alliance: Step up, rise above the affiliate marketing noise, accept the $100,000/month challenge and join other affiliate marketers and leaders who are aggressively updating their value proposition and gearing up to provide enormous economic value to society and make a ton of money doing it.
Your New $100,000/month Plan.  Learn the $100,000/month plan and the new value proposition proposed by the Affiliate Innovation Alliance and take your game to a new level. However, this is a very innovative and comprehensive business system, so if you are closed-minded or have a short attention span, you will run away with your tail between your legs. So, ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE??  

Internal Funnel (12 Income Streams)

NOTE: This is not a traditional affiliate funnel. You must be a member of the Affiliate Innovation Alliance to participate as an affiliate.  All Income Streams are internal to operations and accessible to members only. 

Basic Operations/Income Streams:

The $100,000/month Plan and new value proposition involves promoting an extremely valuable FREE system to your list and the general public at large and monetizing the act of promoting this FREE system with twelve lucrative Income Streams.   

Income Streams #1 thru #9: Link nine (9) Income Streams under the hood of promoting a FREE system with six of the nine being monthly residual Income Streams.
Income Streams #10: The list you build by promoting the FREE system will be a highly responsive email list and you will get exceptionally high open rates on every email you send. More opens = more income.   

Income Stream #11: We use crowdfunding dollars to run the FREE system.  You get to claim a percentage of the crowdfunded dollars as a monthly income source; 

Income Stream #12: This is a bonus Income Stream you earn in tandem with Income Streams #1 thru #9. 

Email Swipes and Marketing Tools

All email swipes and other marketing tools are accessible to members only in the Affiliate Innovation Alliance member's area.  

Preview the $100,000/month Plan

The Affiliate Innovation Alliance sales page offers a complete preview of the $100,000/month Plan and the twelve Income Streams.  View the sales page here.  

P.S. You are just one click away from joining a team of affiliate marketers who are teaming up, collaborating and looking to do something that will benefit society on a large scale and make a ton of money doing it. BE A PART OF SOMETHING BIG? Join us.   

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